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MILAN, ITALY by: Angel B. & Wesley D.external image Milano-Stemma.png
Image:Milano inizio secolo.jpg
Image:Milano inizio secolo.jpg

People & Culture:

  1. Languge(s): Milanese, Italian, W. Lombard
  2. Religions: Mostly Catholic/ Ambrosian Rite
  3. Sports: Football( Soccer), Formula 1 racing, Olimpia Milano( Basketball Team)
    external image DSC01306g.JPG
  4. Test Formula 1 picture( provided by MONZANET)
  5. History:During World War II, Milan suffered severe damage from British and American bombing, Even though Italy quit the war in 1943, the Germans occupied most of northern Italy until 1945. Some of the worst Allied bombing of Milan was in 1944. Much of the bombing focused around Milan's trainstation.
  6. Image:MilanCentralStationFront.jpg
Population Pyramid for Italy: 2000
Population Pyramid for Italy: 2000

Population Pyramid for Italy: 2025
Population Pyramid for Italy: 2025

Economics & Industry

  1. Financial business center of world
  2. Fashion Capital
  3. Center of traffic routes
  4. Seat of Italian stock exchange.
Borsa Italiana organizes and manages Italian stock market with the participation of almost 130 domestic and international brokers who operate in Italy or from abroad through remote membership, using a completely electronic trading system for the real-time execution of trades. Also, it performs organisational, commercial and promotional activities aimed at developing high value-added services for financial communities.(
Milan MI, Italy
Milan MI, Italy

Map of Milan and it's roadways

Physical Geography & Landmarks

  1. Santa Maria Delle Grazie( Home of Da Vinci's Last Supper)
  2. Located in the plains of Lombardy
  3. Separated into 9 boroughs( also known as zonas) In 1999 the administration decided to reduce the number of these zones from 21 to 9. The Zona 1 is in the historic centre, the others eight zones form the borders of the first to the suburbs
  4. Teatro alla scala( world famous opera centre)
Teatro alla Scala by night
Teatro alla Scala by night

TEATRO ALLA SCALA at night Click Here For link to Milan's climate
( picture provided by o2ma)