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Berlin' Germany

People & Culture:

~Urban- It is the second most populous city and the ninth most populous urban area in the European Union.
~Berlin has an Liberal Lifestyle and and low cost of living with attracts tourists.
Population: 3,415,742
Size: 9,920 sq mi

Information from wikiopedia
external image Berlin_Einwohnerentwicklung_1880_2006.jpg
This Graph shows Berlin's population between 1880-2000.(KJ)
external image Klaus_Wowereit_02.png This the Governing Mayor Klaus Wowereit.(KJ)
Photo: Germany
Photo: Germany

Berlin's Reichstag is the backdrop for a recreational soccer match. Germany's parliament, the Bundestag, meets in the building.

Economics & Industry

~Traffic and Biomedical engineering.
~ Vehicle Manufacturing
~Tourism; Berlin is the third most-visited tourist destination in the European Union.
external image Iccberlin22.JPGThe economy of this city mainly based on the service sector. The ICC and the Funkturm are part of the city's exhibition and congress center.(KJ)

Physical Geography & Landmarks

~The Berlin Wall; After World War 2, the city was divided; East Berlin became the capital of East Germany while West Berlin became surrounded by the Berlin Wall from 1961-1989
~The Fernsehturm at Alexanderplatz in Mitte is the second highest building in the European Union at 368 meters (1,207ft).
~The Neptunbrunnen, a fountain featuring a mythological scene.
~The Brandenburg Gate is an iconic landmark of Berlin and Germany.
This is the main cathedral in the city of Berlin and you are able to climb to the very top of the dome, where you have great views across the city
Berlin Landmarks and Monuments
Berlin Landmarks and Monuments

external image Berlinermauer.jpg
This is the Berlin Wall(On The Right). The Brandenburg Gate( On The Bottom). (KJ)
external image Brandenburger_Tor_Blaue_Stunde.jpg