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People & Culture:

  1. Houses in kashmir are very well stacked even dought they have grass and hay on there roofs.
  2. Desputes in Kashmir over land and religion.The disputes are between Muslims and Hindus .This map shows you how the places of Kashmir aresplit between the two countries.
  3. The Dumhal dance is a dance done by the men in the Wattal tribe of Kahmir on specific occassion. the kashmir people are very fond of this type fo stuff they are very wealthy in ancient literature, langauge, religion, arts,crafts, and music
  4. Some items of wazawaan
    Some items of wazawaan
    Cuisine in Kashmir is very closly related to the India's cuisine. they sort of eat the same things and have the same famous dishes. These cuisine are close related dew to the fact that they close. But Kashmir cuisine has a muslim mix on the food like eating beef.
house in Kashmir
k2k2k-337-kashmiri house
k2k2k-337-kashmiri house

Kashmir, Map of Kashmir, Map of the Kashmir Region
Kashmir, Map of Kashmir, Map of the Kashmir Region
Dumhal Dance Kashmir
Dumhal Dance Kashmir

Economics & Industry

  1. Rice, wheat, barly, bajra, jowar are uasally crops grown in Kasmir.
  2. Kashmir gets money from tourims to the Kashmir Valley or to Dal lake
  3. Kahmir is also get money from the mining, limestone, gyspum.
  4. Kashmir gets money for torrism to their religion landmarks for both religions hindu and muslim.
external image rice.jpg

Physical Geography & Landmarks

  1. Khanqah of Shah Hamadan was the frist built Srinagar the original one was built in 1935. The full nameof the monument Mir Sayed Ali Hamadni
  2. The Hazratbal Mosque is located in a village of the same name of the banks of dal. This monument is significance because it has a hair of the prophet Muhammad
  3. This is the Ganga Maiya a temple for hunduism. external image ch_durg_gangamai1.jpg
  4. The territory of kashmir is the coldest dry table land in Ladakh. It is a sudden rise in allitude from 305 meters to 6910 meters above sea level.
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external image jk_monu01.jpg L.C.