Geographic Inquiry: "NOT" Newport News


Choose a geographic location on Earth that is the opposite of Newport News in these areas:
Seal of Newport News

1. People & Culture

2. Economics & Industries

3. Physical Geography - climate, landmarks, etc.

Each pair will gather and present evidence using Google Earth to defend your chosen location as opposite from Newport News. Collect facts, photos, links, short video, sounds.
Post your ideas and evidence on the partner collaboration page linked at left.

World Geography SOL: WG1.d, WG2.b, WG3.b, WG3.C, WG4 Computer Technology SOLs: C/T 9-12.1, C/T 9-12.3, C/T 9-12.4, C/T 9-12.4, C/T 9-12.5, C/T 9-12.6, C/T 9-12.7, C/T 9-12.8, C/T 9-12.9

  1. Take the pre-survey*
  2. Brainstorm/research with partner &
  3. Create TreeMap*of 3 choices: Hand-in
  4. Research & gather evidence for "NOT' location'
  5. Post evidence in wiki*
  6. Review 2 other wikis and post comments *
  7. Create in Google Earth- draw areas, add files *
  8. Present your choice & defend evidence to class *
  9. Present to others in videoconference
  10. Rate each other's products*
  11. Rate partner on Teamwork*
  12. Take the post-survey* . ..............................................................

Rules of the Road

  1. Edit your own pages - you can leave comments about other's pages, but do NOT edit them
  2. Only use files and photos YOU or your Partner have uploaded!
  3. Cite all sources, link where possible - Always give credit!
  4. Put your initials or first name by your work on your page. Never put your whole name.
  5. Only one person can edit a page at a time.
  6. Be sure you have SAVED files to your My Documents folder & Geography folder before uploading.
  7. Use the Discussion pages to share thoughts!! - Worth points.
Guiding Questions:
1. To what extent is the location you have chosen truly opposite from Newport News?
2. How many differences are there for each main characteristic? (Is there enough evidence?)
3. Does the evidence paint a picture of the trait selected? Does the audience need additional explanation?



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Aswan, Egypt Nile - LexicOrient
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Po river valley, Italy
Ruhr valley, Germany
Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Kremlin (Moscow), Russia Moscow2
Cote d’Ivore
Hong Kong
Capetown, South Africa
Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Varanasi (Benares), India
Brasilia, Brazil